We all have a special place in our hearts for children’s books. When we were young, they stirred our imagination and calmed us before we sleep. Most of us can still remember many of the books from our childhood, and, the front cover of most of them as well.

white cat book cover

Creative Couple brand strategy and design firm partnered with Dar Saer El Mashrek, a well know publishing company for a designing and illustration to the new children book, الهرة البيضاء.
The main challenge for creative couple design team was Creating a brilliantly designed cover book with the audience and story in mind.

white cat book page

Creative Couple crafted a cover to the book keeping in mind what design will appeal to a young audience. The illustrations are a preview of the story and appealing to entice readers to open the book. The style of the illustration, the colors, the font, all are carefully chosen and laid out to add a magical air to the readers. The cover of the book with bold, primary color yellow speaks clearly to young audience. The youthful illustration of a white smiling cat and easy-to-read Arabic typefaces adds to this style very well.

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