IGC international guest care, a hotel amenities company launched its new product Orotega with the partnership of Creative Couple the brand strategy and design firm.

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Creative Couple teamed up with IGC for the third time for a complete branding for its new hair, and skin personal care collection Orotega to express its value and achieve future success. Our team was engaged to create eye-catching identity and packaging to showcase the product’s mix of fragrance and the quality ingredients that IGC is renowned for, while also representing the brands’ individual personalities.

In creating a new visual identity, and packaging for Orotega, Creative Couple artistic team
drew inspiration from the ingredient’s natural colors to make each fragrance a unique piece of art.
Raymond Boutros, founder and chairman of Creative Couple commented “In the library of Creative Couple team, every creation tells a story, opens up an imaginary world. We crafted each piece of this collection by its own ingredient’s nature, smell, fragrance and color to enhance the overall consumer experience and interest in the feeling that this product will offer.

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About Creative Couple

Creative Couple is a Beirut based full service design agency that creates emotional
connections through identities, books, websites, infographics and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves. We provide unsurpassed service and outstanding products that, together, deliver premium value to our customers through Bravery, Humanity, Quality and Innovation.

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