Brand strategy and design firm Creative couple has partnered with Medispharm a well-known pharmaceutical distributor in Lebanon market for a complete rebranding to cement its position as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

medispharm logo

The aim was to create a design brand identity with a compelling persona that inspire associates, make investors take note, and bond with clients and key influencers on an emotional level. Basing the new brand on this key insight, was the solution to make Medispharm more than just a manufacturer and distributor of medical products, this strategy will allows Creative couple to transform Medispharm into an innovative healthcare leader with a human face. 

Creative couple team worked closely with Medispharm, throughout the whole process. After a thorough analysis of the market, the target and the brands assets, the result is the Medispharm you see today, an ancient yet innovative visual identity. The new logo consists of a capital Phoenician letter “M” that identifies Medispharm as an effective stable point in a changing world. The tagline --enhancing life-- speaks the healthcare solutions provided with a human mission and a persona to match the human face of the company.

About Medispharm

Medispharm is one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical products in the Lebanese market. Established in Beirut in 1993, chaired by Dr. Ghassan Al-Amine, ex-president of Lebanese order of Pharmacists. health care products thus, we have maintained an open outlook on the managerial level ready to make new contacts and develop
policies that will help us fulfill Customers and Suppliers needs

About Creative couple

Creative couple is a Beirut based full service design agency that creates emotional connections through identities, books, websites, infographics and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves. We provide unsurpassed service and outstanding products that, together, deliver premium value to our customers through Bravery, Humanity, Quality and

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