Mr. Gourmet, a well-earned title for the Italian-Lebanese food Connoisseur by Mr. Michel Ferneini founder and chairman of Fleur De Lys, a prestigious catering company based in Beirut, selected to cater some of the most exceptional royal weddings ever organized in Lebanon and in the GCC. Michel Ferneini has successfully brought finest culinary art, and a barrage of flavors and cuisines from every corner of the globe, straight into the hearts and mouths of the Lebanese people.

Following the philosophy of the founder that every event should be perfect, Fleur De Lys partnered with Creative Couple the brand strategy and design firm to achieve perfection on all aspect of the business and attain an artistic and innovative company figure.

fleur de lys poster

On the basis of this insight, Creative Couple crafted a new portfolio highlighting the uniqueness and elegance of the fine catering services offered by Fleur De Lys. Creative Couple developed this ever-evolving portfolio that speaks the natural ingredients served with elegance, to create a remarkable presence of this brand in the catering industry, and to show how Fleur De Lys differs from its direct competitors, while bringing to life the company’s core values and signature.
As Mr. Michel Ferneini owner and chairman of Fleur De Lys once said: “I know I will never reach the perfection I am aiming for but I will never stop trying to get it” here at Creative Couple we say “Our services makes perfection possible”

fleur de lys owner

About Fleur De Lys

Fleur De Lys is a prestigious catering company based in Beirut. The aim of Fleur De Lys established by Michel Ferneini was to change the face of private and corporate catering. Fleur De Lys has been creating exclusive parties for royalties, heads of state, diplomatic representations, multinational companies, leading corporations, private individuals and dream
weddings for over 15 years. The company is at the cutting edge of the hospitality industry and one of the regional top caterers. A very talented, creative and enthusiastic team follows the philosophy of the founder that every event should be perfect. Since it opened its doors, Fleur De Lys has catered some of the world’s most spectacular and beautiful events. This vast wealth of experience, knowledge and creativity ensures each Fleur De Lys event is memorable, flawless and unforgettable. The professionalism of our discrete, attentive and responsive managing team makes Fleur De Lys regularly catering to some of the most relevant personalities and palaces in Lebanon and in the GCC. The winning combination of our talented chefs, some with international or Michelin star training and expertise to realize every detail and make each event an outstanding success.
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About Creative Couple

Creative Couple is a Beirut based full service design agency that creates emotional connections through identities, books, websites, infographics and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves. We provide unsurpassed service and outstanding products that, together, deliver premium value to our customers through Bravery, Humanity, Quality and

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