For many years Creative Couple the brand strategy and design firm, has been an icon of creativity, uniqueness and innovation in all aspect of its business services and products. We work only on projects that we love and admire to bring us closer to each other and to our physical environment integration craft into technology.

coffee table

On this basic, Creative Couple designers team launched a new product the “Coffee Table”, a distinctive small table that reflects our love and dedication to all that’s natural, rustic and handmade.

Our aim was to create each piece with its own identity and uniqueness owing that to the nature of handcrafted items, variation in color, texture, finish and size. The coffee table crafted from all natural Lebanese olive trees wood, consist of occasional knot holes, crevices and cracks add character to each unique piece. Formed with light wood with naturally varying tones, this ingenious piece gives the visual of live edge round cut maple tree. Our designers have opted to keep wood pieces au naturel, maintaining a sense of purity, substance and authenticity.
“The natural color of olive wood trees is so beautiful; I can’t find any reason to cover them up. I keep it all natural and simple as possible and that’s the beauty of it” said by Creative Couple's CEO when discussing his new “Coffee table”.

About Creative Couple

Creative Couple is a Beirut based full service design agency that creates emotional connections through identities, books, websites, infographics and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves. We provide unsurpassed service and outstanding products that, together, deliver premium value to our customers through Bravery, Humanity, Quality and

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