IGC, one of leading producers of personal care products in Lebanon, partnered with Creative Couple brand strategy and design firm for a complete branding for its new hair, face and body collection Alfred and Braun brand.

alfred & braun logo

Alfred and Braun is IGC’s factory brand, the prime goal of the brand is to offer consumers a high quality of personal care products richly formulated with a unique blend of oils and natural ingredients.

Here at Creative Couple, our goal was to better express the brand’s essence and values, while giving astonishing visibility to its packaging on crowded competitive market industry. The main challenge was achieving a royal, rich yet simple and elegant brand identity. To create a new identity for Alfred and Braun collection, Creative Couple worked with the IGC communications and ownership teams to develop a brand strategy highlighting the uniqueness of its business model and the authenticity of its product. The royal Arms of England sign and the two letters "A" and "B" presented in the monogram shows the historical figure of Alfred and Braun British collection, as the tagline -uniquely English collection-
speaks the British warm alluring fragrance found in the ingredients .

Raymond Boutros, founder and chairman of Creative Couple commented “The royal Arms of England icon has been part of the British history since the empire age beginning and has established a unique visual presence in the landscape. We used it to form part of the new identity and establish a sense of place and a British accent in the minds of consumers”.

alfred & braun product

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